Carisk Behavioral Health Provider Portal

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To begin online entry of your claims, follow these steps:

1.       Search for the member by name or number.

2.       When the member search results are shown, press the Create CMS1500 or Create UB04 button to copy the member data into a new claim.

3.       Claims entered via Claims Entry may be viewed and maintained online prior to final submission (look for the link titled "Claims Entry/Inquiry" on the navigation menu).


Please note that you'll need to enable pop ups on this portal in order to utilize the claims entry features.  You may also need to run in Compatibility mode.  See Login page for instructions.


Managed Medical Assistance (MMA) Requirement

Attention providers: Please note that AHCA requires all providers servicing Managed Medical Assistance (MMA) members to have a Medicaid billing or registration number to receive claims reimbursement.  If you have recently obtained a billing or registration number or have questions, please call Provider Relations at 855-514-5300 so we can update your billing information or assist you in obtaining a number.



Please be advised that effective immediately the Carisk Behavioral Health DSNP Provider Network panel is closed indefinitely and until further notice.  Any and all members in treatment must be transitioned to a Carisk Behavioral Health in-network provider to assure continuity of care for any and all medically necessary treatment.  To assure continuity of care for members in treatment, please contact Carisk Behavioral Health at 305-514-5300 to assist with this transition of care.


Provider Satisfaction

On a regular basis, Carisk conducts a Practitioner Satisfaction Survey for practitioners who have seen at least five (5) Members in the past year.

In the most recent survey, overall satisfaction with Carisk Behavioral Health was excellent at 92.4%. Average satisfaction with the member services department was 88.3%, average satisfaction with the claims department was 81.2%, and average satisfaction with the utilization management department was 79.3%. Representatives from Operations and Clinical Services analyze the results and comments to determine appropriate interventions to improve provider satisfaction in the identified areas. On an ongoing basis, Carisk reviews, tracks and trends practitioner satisfaction input through this formal evaluation process. This process provides a means for how well Carisk is meeting the needs of practitioners and identifies additional opportunities for improvement to increase practitioner satisfaction levels going forward.

Note:  Please do not submit corrected claims on this portal.  In order to process properly, corrected claims must be sent to the office on a claim form with details of the correction to the claim.


Claims Processing Mailing Address:

Carisk Behavioral Health
P.O. Box 211277
Eagan, MN  55121

Questions?  Call Carisk at  855-514-5300